Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dauvit Alexander, Glasgow, SCOTLAND

Dauvit sent us one of his business postcards, for lack of a better word on my part, showing one of the rings that he made. He's an amazing Maker of jewelry and metalworks. You can check out his other pieces at this site  http://justified-sinner.com and his blog here.
The card had Gil Martin on it, so I assumed that was the artist's name. ooops, had to change this post.

Wouldn't you just love to wear this skull ring? I know that I would.

Inez Olude Da Silva, Brussels, BELGIUM

Who can't like a piece of Mail Art with monkeys? This terrific piece comes from Inez who has an interesting project of her own. Check it out here .
Maybe, you'll want to participate in it.

Andrea Jay, Hilarious Assistant Principal, Staten Island, NY, USA

This is a very interesting narrative piece. What is the story being told? There was no title given, so we'll each have to make up our own. Andrea didn't provide a web site or blog address. I hope she checks out this blog and adds a comment.

I'm A Superhero..., Iowa City, Iowa, USA

I'm a Superhero's work is very personal and this one is particularly poignant. It's in memory of his young son.  You can see lots of his exciting work on his blog, here.

He's also a regular on Mail Art 365.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kopel, San Diego, California, USA

Nice non-human skull! Poisson d'Avril for those not in France or who haven't heard of it before, is like April Fool's day in the United States. Does your country have something similar? Nice entry!

Demetrios Contarelli, Athens, GREECE

There's something so comical about this skull, it's cute and not at the same time. See more of Demetrios at http://www.hellascartoon.gr

Jaromir Svozilik, Oslo, NORWAY

Twig of Skulls
Entries from Jaromir are always welcome. We love his take on skulls! You can see more of him at http://www.svozilik.com

Roberto Rios, Humacao, PUERTO RICO

La Katerina
 Talk about exquisite and you get these three entries from Roberto Rios. This one is a photo of a fun skully person that he saw at Museo Las Americas Cuartel de Ballaja.
Calavera Tapatia

I was actually at that museum a few years ago, and it had lots of interesting items and information.

This card is a collage and color pencil alteration.
Pink Skull
The third card, Pink Skull is a collage. You can see more of Roberto's work at

Wonderful Mail Art

We've received such amazing pieces of Mail Art, which I'm continuing to scan. I'll be posting daily, one or two posts, until I get everyone up on this site. The exhibit will be installed tomorrow, and a preview is this Thursday, with the opening for the public on Friday. On Saturday there are craft events during the day and a dance from 7 pm to 11 pm. What excitement to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Skull-a-day. Skull Appreciation Day is 4 June.

The Skull-Meister has given much thought to these entries and decided that they are too wonderful to remain in the Skull-a-Day Archive when the exhibit is over, at the end of June. We decided that people making a donation of at least $5 USD to the Richmond Peace Education Center, can choose one of the pieces at the end of the show. We hope that all of you participating will be pleased to know that your work will either be in the SAD Archive or in someone's home or workplace, and the Peace Education Center will be the beneficiary.

Simon Warren, Trng, U.K.

 Here are two written pieces by Simon. The reverse is blank and at first glance, I thought an image might have been loosely attached to the reverse and fallen off en route. But no, the writing IS the piece. Two of them.
Three additional cards arrived from Simon. Since they are quite similar, I've put the most readable on the top for you to see. His cards are always an interesting addition to any Mail Art call.

By the way TRNG is a small town in Hertfordshire, in England. I had to look it up.

Domenico Severino, Pompei, ITALY

 These three terrific skulls arrived from Italy. You can see more by Domenico at http://www.domenicoseverino.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

S. Sloan, San Diego, California, USA

This postcard was altered by the artist. I love the way the skulls were superimposed on the heads, with the noses sticking out. Painted, I believe. Quite a nice, over standard sized, postcard.

Camel O'Rama, Seattle, Washington, USA

 I think Camel's pieces may have been the first one's received by the POB, as they're postmarked 28 Feb. 2011, shortly after I posted the call.

They're stencils! They're on a linen like fabric that is thick, like padding for something. Maybe he'll tell us more about the material he used.

They're quite fabulous, yes?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skull Appreciation Day poster available

This poster is now available for purchase.

This two-color screenprinted poster is 6.125" x 17.5" (15.55 cm x 44.45 cm) on recycled PCF acid-free 100# cover stock. It is signed, numbered, and limited to only 100 pieces.

Even if you can't celebrate with us in person you can still show your Skull Appreciation Day spirit with one of these posters for only $10. Get it at the Skull-A-Day store Here.

 Normally, I wouldn't put up any sale stuff but because some people have requested a poster, I've decided that I need to give you the info.

More Skully mail art will be posted this weekend. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diane Bertrand, St. Leonard QC CANADA

This piece arrived in an envelope with Diane's list of the places she was sending her mail art. Very interesting to see that.  She, also, included some tissue paper with asian writing on it, some of which was used on her entry.  You can see more of her mail art here.

Bruno Gheerbrant, BELGIUM

This piece is standard postcard size. It's ink and marker (I think.) Quite lively, yes? You can see more of Bruno here.

Dewi, Toronto, CANADA

 These three skull pieces were submitted by Dewi. He does beautiful sketches of people, posts them and sends them out via Mail Art 365. You can see his work here.
 These arrived in an envelope, they're about 3.5" x 3.5" (8.5cm x 8.5cm)

These are pencil and ink. They're very nice.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skulls, we all have one.

This is my entry. Since all of those received, so far, with the exception of mine, are with our POB administrator, you'll have to wait with anticipation to see your's posted here. I'll be starting the uploads next week. Anticipate! These will be so skullicious.

Skull Appreciation Day events

Back in March, I created a Mail Art call as part of Skull Appreciation Day. You can still submit work, see details here.

I'll be posting all of the entries on this blog, and many have been received.