Sunday, April 14, 2013

BIG apology!

Hello to all followers, SKULL lovers, and participants in the 2012 Skull-a-day Mail Art call. My apologies for not posting your wonderful entries in a timely manner. My trusty scanner of many years, gave out. My new scanner is in another location and I lost my momentum, then life got in the way. So sorry, but I'm on it now. So here come the entries, a few at a time, and not in order of receipt, as they were sent to me to copy in a big container as they'd been removed from the exhibit. Again, my apologies to all participants.

This fabulous skeleton x-ray is from Adamandia in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
You can see one of her blogs here.
This fine skull is from Lynn Radford, in New Brighton, PA. You can see of her here.

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  1. Thanks ever so, Mim ! I had completely forgotten you were going to post these! I miss Harold, but a few of his brothers are still kickin' around. Any chance we know anything about the next call for skull mail art?