Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Skull Appreciation Event Exhibition

 Mail art was installed on the wall to the right as you enter the upstairs gallery of Gallery5. My Skull was hung on the wall, like a trophy head, since I was the originator of this Mail Art call.
 The installers numbered each piece of Mail Art with tiny numbers. I took these photos on the night of the preview as I knew that the opening night would be very crowded.
 Close up of my head and some of the pieces of Mail Art.
 A selection of some of the 100 Skulls.
 Opening night, a whirl of people. We'd placed a list of all of the countries represented and all of the artists' names by country. Very cool! 18 countries, 45 artists, over 50 pieces.
What a night. The festivities continue today with a crafts activity in the downstairs gallery, and a dance tonight in the main room with 2 bands, burlesque, and more. Wish you were here. Oh, by the way, people have already put in donations for some of the Mail Art, which they'll pick up at the end of the exhibit.

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