Friday, May 27, 2011

Camel O'Rama, Seattle, Washington, USA

 I think Camel's pieces may have been the first one's received by the POB, as they're postmarked 28 Feb. 2011, shortly after I posted the call.

They're stencils! They're on a linen like fabric that is thick, like padding for something. Maybe he'll tell us more about the material he used.

They're quite fabulous, yes?


  1. You are right, they are the 1st ones I received.

  2. Wow - I forgot I sent these...
    I was just thinking that I should send one soon and then Mim told me that my stuff was posted...

    Wow Capt. Obvious - pay attention!!!

    These stencils were inspired by Skull-A-Day when I first found it & were made from recycled plastic muffin containers.

    I had originally made a skull item for Noah & ended up sending it as a quilt square to Abby - so these were the replacement for what I had promised him - Fabric Skulls

    The material used is recycled 10oz Cotton Painters Duck attached to fusible quilting fabric.

    Painted with:
    Encre Taille Douce Etching Ink - Gris De Payne
    a Princeton Art & Brush Co. #6